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An Apple a Day My Keep the Acid Reflux at Bay

October 16, 2012 by Teresa     0

Could an apple a day keep acid reflux away? This wholesome food which is good for you on so many levels may also calm your stomach and reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. After reading this you may have just decided to increase your consumption of apples. If so, it is suggested that organic apples are the best choice. Apples may reduce the symptoms of acid reflux because they create an alkaline state in the stomach.

Anything that you can do to reduce that acid stomach is a blessing. Another simple suggestion to consider is taking the time to chew the apple very carefully. in other words, don't rush the experience. The mere act of chewing helps to break down the apple while the enzymes in your saliva will start the digestive process. Also, leave the peeling on the apple. The peeling has beneficial content.

It is recommended that you avoid eating really sour apples. Choose instead from the sweeter varieties of apples that are out there like a golden delicious. When testing whether or not eating an apple relieves symptoms for you personally, it is highly suggested that you don't overeat before you decide to enjoy your apple. Actually, overeating, in and of itself, can create problems with those who suffer from acid reflux. Try eating an apple about 30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed, especially if like a lot of people your acid reflux symptoms worsen while you're trying to sleep.

There is no scientific proof that eating an apple a day will keep your acid reflux away, but there are a growing number of people who do report that their symptoms are relieved and sometimes done away with completely by incorporating apples into their daily diet. Apples are rich in iron, vitamin c, and phosphorus. Furthermore, pectin, a substance that is natural to apples, may coat your stomach.

Take the time to talk to your doctor about your acid reflux. You can even mention that you're trying the apple-a-day remedy. However, if you suffer regularly from acid reflux, make sure that your doctor is involved in your treatment plan. He or she may prescribe certain medications for treatment options such as generic Domperidone or Asacol.

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