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Bionic Stomach to Cure Gastroparesis for UK Teenager

January 13, 2012 by Shelly     0

£22,000 - That's the amount that a family in England are trying to raise for an operation that will help their teenage daughter from vomiting up to 50 times per day.

Dannie Goodridge, a 15-year-old from Farnham, has been diagnosed with gastroparesis, a condition reduces the ability of the stomach to empty its contents. The condition is also known as stomach paralysis, and has led the teen to lose a lot of weight.

At first the teen was diagnosed by many including her doctor's of having some sort of an eating disorder. But that definitely was not the case, the teens mother elaborates, “everything that she would eat, everything she would drink, even the tablets they gave her would bounce off of her stomach and come back up….Dannie was permanently hungry and thirsty.”

The solution: Surgery involving fitting the teen with a gastric pacemaker to make the stomach contract when eating. The problem is that the ‘Bionic Stomach' as it's called, will cost the family up to £22,000.

The surgery would drastically change the teen's life who is currently being fed via a feeding tube. The teen stated that she had been told by consultants that her chances of recovery were slim and options for treatment included only a permanent feeding tube. “I didn't want to be fed by tube forever”, she said.

A website has now been set up for the teen to help her and her family raise money for the pricey surgery.

The surgery however, is not a cure for her condition just a tool to assist her to mange the symptoms. But it will get the young women out of the hospital and on to a more normal life.

This type of extreme gastroparesis is quite rare and there is still not a lot known about the girl's condition. However, mild forms of this condition are not so rare and can be easily controlled using readily available medications. Most people buy Domperidone or Nexium to help relive some of the pain and discomfort experienced by this condition.

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