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Breastfeeding Leads to Better Lung Function

February 22, 2012 by Julia     0

Jade developed an asthma
Jade developed an asthma
A second study has come out corroborating the results of one recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory Care and Critical Care Medicine. It states that babies who were exclusively breastfed are more likely to develop better lung functioning than their formula-fed counterparts. This is especially true for babies born to an asthmatic mother.

Previous studies have shown that these babies may have less lung function, and were more likely to develop asthma as an adult. Although it is encouraged by doctors, not all women are able to produce enough milk to breastfeed exclusively. Be sure to ask your doctor if you should buy domperidone, a medication that increases milk production.

This new study, which was conducted in New Zealand, used a survey format instead of physical testing. They followed their subject from birth and then once the children were 6 years old, researchers asked parents about their lung function. The researchers asked which children had been diagnosed with asthma, had used an inhaler, or wheezed in the last year.

After interviewing the parents of about 1000 children, the researchers discovered that each month of exclusive breastfeeding reduced the chance of asthma by about 9 percent.

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