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Breastfeeding Myths Debunked

April 10, 2012 by Julia     0

Breastfeeding Tips
Breastfeeding Tips
Breastfeeding can be stressful for moms if it doesn't happen right away, or their newborn simply doesn't have a perfect latch. It comes with practice, time, and bonding. New moms may also be worried about some things they have heard from family or friends. Here are some of the top breastfeeding myths - debunked.

Mom eating gassy foods gives baby painful gas: FALSE

Eating foods such as cabbage, beans, and broccoli may give you gas, but your baby won't even notice. Breast milk is created from nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream. Gas is only found in the digestive tract, it doesn't make the transition into your blood.

Spicy foods can affect breast milk's taste, and giving baby an upset stomach: FALSE

Introducing your child to a range of tastes early will ideally create an adventurous eater. Women in countries with spicier ethnic foods definitely don't stop eating spices, why should you? There was also a study recently published hypothesizing that infants actually consumed more milk when it had a garlicky flavor.

Eating honey, which may contain botulism spores, can affect your under-12-months-old baby: FALSE

While botulism spores can negatively affect your baby, due to their developing digestive tract and immune system, your fully developed immune system should kill any botulism spores in the honey, before it gets to your child.

If you are having difficulty producing enough milk, talk to your doctor about Motilium 10 mg, a stomach motility drug which may have a side effect of milk flow.

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