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Breastfeeding in Public

September 19, 2012 by Teresa     0

A mother discreetly nurses her child
A mother discreetly nurses her child
Breastfeeding in public has been a hotly debated issue for a long time. That is not to say that in all cultures the idea of feeding your little one in a more open manner is looked down upon. There are places in the world where it is considered a perfectly natural thing to do. However, many modern women who are committed to breastfeeding their babies may find that they run into a few raised eyebrows if they try to pursue those same liberties. The most recent news story about the American professor who opted to nurse her baby during class is a dramatic example of how things can get tricky for a nursing mom who decides to push the public envelope, so to speak. The Washington Post wrote, “Now Pine finds herself at the center of a debate over whether she did the right thing that day...”

Choosing to breastfeed in public is a very personal matter. Each individual will need to figure out their own comfort level and then live accordingly. However, for those who do decide to go public or even for those who are on occasion left without a choice, there are a few things that can be done to help make the situation easier. There is no need to be housebound just because you are nursing your baby.

- Dress for the occasion. Nursing bras and looser fitting shirts are good choices.

- Do a trial run at home among friends and family. Practice make perfect and increases confidence.

- Incorporate a few privacy measures. A stroller or a diaper bag can provide a barrier. Turning your body away from curious onlookers offers a little privacy.

- Keep a blanket close by to cover up with when changing positions.

- Breastfeeding your baby in a sling can be helpful. A sling has a lot of extra coverage.

- Make use of the women's lounge or dressing room when available.

In closing, there are forty-four states that have passed laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in public. In many instances, the law is on your side.

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