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Does Exercise Aggravate Acid Reflux?

December 13, 2012 by Teresa     0

Is there a relationship between exercise and acid reflux disorder? The answer can be a little difficult to arrive at it appears. Some people do seem to find that exercising actually reduces the symptoms of GERD. Exercise as whole is recommended for optimum health. It can keep us not only looking fit, but also make it easier to maintain a reasonable weight. Weight gain alone can influence the symptoms of acid reflux. Yet, with all of that good news about exercising, there is some indication that certain types of exercise may cause acid reflux to worsen, at least for some people.

Are you confused? Don't be. There are some tips that you can apply to your exercise routine that may help to alleviate problems.

- Allow some time after you eat for digestion to take place. Rushing out to the gym on a full stomach may be not be the best thing regardless of whether you suffer from acid reflux or not. When you engage in jostling-exercise routines, this can disrupt the digestive process and you may be asking for trouble. Wait at least two hours after a meal to start exercising.

- Plan good food choices on exercise days. Stay away from fatty foods as they take longer to digest. Also, avoid those particular foods that you have already identified major trigger foods.

- As always drink plenty of water. You need to stay hydrated, but water also aids in the digestion process.

- Jogging and other high-impact aerobic exercises may be too much for you system. If you suspect that that is the problem, consider workouts that are more fluid like biking, weight lifting, swimming, and yoga. Even walking is easier on you than jogging. Walking can be an extremely effective exercise without the jarring to your internal organs and your joints.

- Don't forget your medication. If you aren't using medication, consult with your doctor about appropriate choices.

Exercise generally does not cause heartburn, but for those who have a chronic issue with acid reflux, the possibilities of jarring exercise causing painful attacks do increase. Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and find ways to keep exercise as part of your lifestyle.

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