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August 22, 2011 by Lynn     0

By elycefeliz
By elycefeliz
Daily Strength is an online social network of over 600,000 individuals facing health-related issues and life challenges. The site features "communities" centered on challenges such as addiction, mental health issues, serious and/or chronic illness, loneliness, divorce, and parenting.

Dailystrength.org includes health blogs, expert answers, information on treatments, links to over 500 support groups and a member's section. The interactive site allows members access to free, anonymous support, information and opinions, including active discussion boards and first-hand treatment reviews.

The treatment section includes information on specific medications, and members' personal reviews of their own experiences taking them. Seventy-six percent of members who took prescription domperidone for gastroparesis rated it as helpful. To read the domperidone reviews on Daily Strength, >CLICK HERE.<

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