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Four Awesome Apps for Breastfeeding

August 22, 2012 by Julia     0

Breastfeeding Online
Breastfeeding Online
As we hit the middle of National Breastfeeding Month, we thought it fitting to pull together a list of useful apps that will help you nursing moms keep track of those feedings, after feedings (after feedings).

Out and about and need to find a nursing spot in a hurry? The Speedy Tot app (shown left) helps you locate places that are near you that offer nursing-friendly places, high chairs and even changing stations. The links to a street map will get you there in a jiffy so you can feed that hungry baby. (iOS, $1.99)

The Eat Sleep app tracks those three major activities that consume a baby's (and your) life - eating, sleeping (obviously) and diapers. The one-tap interface makes it super easy to keep track of which side your baby last nursed on and pressing start automatically logs in the most recent feeding for easy tracking. (iOS, Free)

Baby Tracker Nursing is a simple yet comprehensive nursing-specific app for everything you'll need for your baby's feeding schedule. In addition to the clean interface and ease-of-use, there's a handy built-in stopwatch that helps you keep track of feedings in your sleep-deprived state. (iOS, $4.99)

Android users will benefit from the Breast Feeding Tabulator which covers all the bases like tracking feedings, logging times and recording which side you last nursed on. If you use it long enough, the app will start mapping out feeding trends and display them in handy graphs which you can study during those long nursing sessions. (Google Play, Free)

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