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Is Acid Reflux Becoming More Common?

December 7, 2012 by Teresa     0

According to some recent studies, the rise in acid reflux may be as much as 50% more people who are suffering from the disease. In the past ten years, research indicates that women may be more susceptible than men. Of course, this news sets off alarm bells of concern in regard to a possible increase in oesophagus cancer as well. Once a very rare form of cancer, it is more prevalent today and is very difficult to treat.

One possible reason acid reflux cases may be increasing is linked to cultural behaviors, in particular our eating habits. The growing number of obese people is alarming. Obesity is a risk factor for acid reflux. Clearly, we are seeing obesity rates rise among all ages, socioeconomic brackets, genders, and races. From little children to the elderly, obesity is becoming a critical issue. Women under 40 were the least likely to have acid reflux, but were more likely to develop symptoms as they got older. Among women aged 60 to 69, the tendency toward severe symptoms was also more common.

It is suspected that the pressure that extra pounds can create around the midsection, combined with poor diet consisting of high amounts of fat, contribute significantly to the symptoms of acid reflux. These findings are troubling. People who have had symptoms of acid reflux for a long time may also be at greater risk for developing cancer.

Clearly, the case for changing our lifestyle is becoming an important consideration. Too little exercise, too many calories, and poor food choices are changes that need to be made today. Losing weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle is the safest way to improve your overall state of health and well being.

Behavior changes may not work for everyone, but doctors do continue to highly recommend it. Eating smaller meals and avoiding specific foods that can aggravate the symptoms of acid reflux, like chocolate or caffeine, can make a big difference. If you have been diagnosed with acid reflux, it is important that you begin working with your doctor right away. Proper medication, a treatment plan that helps to manage the symptoms, and a healthy weight loss program can help to reduce symptoms and other possible health problems.

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