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Keep Breastfeeding Through the Holidays

December 22, 2011 by EStella     0

Christmas is Coming
Christmas is Coming
Tara Zrinski, the local lactation consultant, offers tips how to survive in holidays which can be difficult time in the breastfeeding journey. Domperidone is a drug that has, as a side effect, the increasing of milk flow.

The holiday season can mean hectic holiday shopping, meals on the go, long road trips and lots and lots of sweets. For breastfeeding moms it can be difficult to enjoy all those holiday treats and maintain a nursing schedule with all the travel but, Sharon Mendes, RN, CPN, IBCLC, has tips to keep moms and babies healthy into the new year.

If mom is out shopping, it is legal in Pennsylvania to breastfeed in public without penalty. So regardless of whether or not someone else considers it a nuisance, obscenity or indecent exposure, at least this state does not.

“Mothers should be able to feed their baby anywhere at any time. They also should never they be asked to leave an establishment or be asked to nurse in a bathroom,” said Mendes, the founder of Mama Milk Café - Breastfeeding Support Group in Palmerton.

Now, not all moms feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. I know I spent many a time in a public restroom or dressing room to avoid the chagrin of holiday patrons but, I did it to accommodate no one else but me. Sometimes, I would find myself in an inconvenient spot and regardless of onlookers I would cover with a blanket or even my jacket to sooth the hungry cries of the little milk monster.

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