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Maternity Leave

May 14, 2012 by Julia     0

Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave
Canadians receive 50 weeks of partially paid maternity leave. Mexicans receive 3 months paid 100% of their salary. Swedes are at the upper end of the scale with 16 months of fully paid maternity or parental leave. The United States currently doesn't offer any federal funding for maternity leave. So unless you live in a “family-friendly” state such as California or Hawaii…you will receive barely any leave, and none of it paid when you have a child. This great article details the effect that this lack of support has on our growing families.

If you or your partner is having trouble producing milk, talk to your doctor about domperidone, a stomach medication that helps women produce more breast milk. This is particularly significant for women who have returned to work, and may be noticing changes in their milk levels. It is harder for the body to produce milk when your baby isn't right there, ready for the milk. Read more about the plight of the working American mother here.

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