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The Impact of Stress on Gastroparesis

October 16, 2011 by Wray     0

Stress from -emilia
Stress from -emilia
Anyone with gastroparesis (GP) can tell you that stress has an impact on their gastroparesis symptoms, and may interfere with the effectiveness of their gastroparesis medication. Health Counsellor Crystal Saltrelli, a GP patient herself, has a video on her website, livingwithgastroparesis.com, containing useful information specifically about stress and GP.

She states that, while stress does not cause gastroparesis, it certainly has an impact on the condition. In turn the condition causes more stress, and the two can become a vicious circle. Saltrelli talks about the impact stress has on digestion, and offers tips on both reducing stress and counteracting the stress response.

To view the video on livingwithgastroparesis.com, >Click Here.<

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