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Benefits of Breastfeeding
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Babies are expensive. From hospital costs, to maternity clothes to diapers, having children is one of the most expensive undertakings in our lives. Raising a child to the age if 18 is estimated to cost a minimum of $200,000. It will be more if you live in an expensive area, or send them to private school or include them in team sports. Here are the first six of our 13 ways breastfeeding saves you money.

Don't Have To Buy Formula

Mothers that breast feed end up saving a ton of money on formula. Baby formula can be pretty expensive and it's estimated that one year of formula can range between $1,500 to $3,000. That's quite a lot of money. By breastfeeding, you can cut out at least $1,500 in a year by not buying formula. Also talk to your doctor about Domperidone generic, a medication with stronger milk production as a side effect. With more milk, you are even less likely to have to spend money on extraneous formula.

Don't Have To Buy Bottles

If you're not buying formula, you also don't have to buy any baby bottles. Bottles themselves might not be expensive, but you often also have to buy bottle nipples, disposable liners, and a bottle brush and nipple brush. And chances are, you're not going to be buying one or two bottles, but at least a dozen, if not more. You'll have to replace the bottle and its accessories, and those costs will add up over time. By breastfeeding, you can avoid all those costs.

Bottle and Formula Accessories

Not every new parent is going to go out and buy a bottle sterilizer, bottle drying rack, or powder measurer. Many of these items are useless kitchen gadgets that take up space, but there are still quite a few people who will spend the money on them. Those that breastfeed won't need to worry about spending money on any of these items. Any additional bottle or formula gadgets won't fall under your necessities.

Breastfeeding Equipment is Tax Deductible

The American government has ruled that breastfeeding equipment is tax-deductible. Breast pumps and breastfeeding equipment can be somewhat expensive, so it's great news that you can now claim this equipment on your taxes. If you have a flexible spending account through your employer, you can also use your pre-tax medical money to buy your equipment.

Insurance Companies Cover Breastfeeding Equipment

Additionally, some insurance companies will cover the cost of your breastfeeding equipment. Not all insurance companies will do this, and it might even depend on the type of plan you choose, but it's definitely worth investigating. If your insurance companies does cover the cost of breastfeeding equipment, that's money you don't have to worry about spending. Why would you pass up that opportunity?

Breastfeeding Helps Women Lose Weight

After having a baby, many women will try to shed those extra pounds they put on while they were pregnant. Sometimes this involves buying a membership to a gym or involves buying home exercise equipment. However, breastfeeding can help women lose around 500 calories per day. So not only are you saving money on formula and bottles, but you're also saving money you might have otherwise spent on a work-out.

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