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Top 4 Reasons for Stopping Breastfeeding

June 7, 2012 by Julia     0

stopping breastfeeding
Stopping breastfeeding
Reason #1: a rough start. All those beatific pictures notwithstanding, breastfeeding can be hard work, especially at the beginning. It can take a little time for both mom and baby to get the hang of it--and throw in sore nipples and the exhaustion of just giving birth and it's easy to understand why some moms reach for the bottle (of formula).

Reason #2: worry that the baby isn't getting enough. We are a bottle culture. When we can't see how much our baby drinks, we get anxious. Add to that the simple fact that breastfed babies eat more frequently than formula-fed ones (breast milk is more easily digested, so moves through faster) and babies like to stay at the breast because it's the Most Wonderful Place in the World to them, and you can see why moms start thinking they aren't giving the baby enough--and start supplementing with formula.

Reason #3: discomfort with nursing in public. Again, we are a bottle culture--and a culture that sexualizes breasts. Even though breastfeeding is just feeding a baby, many women often feel or are made to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable when they do so in a public place.

Reason #4: they need to go back to work. This is the deal-breaker for lots of moms. Working and breastfeeding can be done; I've done it. But finding the time and place to pump (and affording the pump in the first place), as well as transporting and storing breast milk, can be stressful. Add that to the general stress of going back to work, throw in a less-than-supportive workplace, and there goes the exclusive breastfeeding plan.

Another big reason for mom's quitting breastfeeding is milk production, without constant milk flow, it becomes difficult to breastfeed. Moms should talk to their doctor about domperidone, a stomach medication with increased milk production as a pleasant side effect.

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