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Top 8 Foods to Avoid with an Upset Stomach

September 3, 2012 by Julia     0

Domperidone Uses
Domperidone Uses
If you are having stomach troubles, it can put a serious kink in your day. Nausea, bloating, gas and diarrhea are some of the worst conditions to experience. No one likes bad smells substances, or feelings. To help you out, here is our top eight foods to avoid when you are feeling ill - experiencing these symptoms are bad enough, without making them worse by eating the wrong thing.

Dairy Products - Dairy products contain the sugar lactose, which can be difficult to digest. When lactose isn't digested properly, such as in people with lactose intolerance, gas and bloating result. If you consume too much lactose, it goes into the large intestine, and diarrhea can develop or worsen.

Spicy Foods - Spices tend to accelerate the digestive system. For people with nausea or diarrhea, this is a recipe for disaster. Try to stick to bland foods, especially with fibre, that can helps bring your digestive system back into order.

Acidic Foods - Tomato sauce and citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, are acidic and can cause digestive problems. Adding the acidic foods to your already tossed stomach acids can cause your symptoms to flare again.

Fatty Foods - Fatty foods such as red meat, butter and cheese can cause digestive contractions. Depending on your body type, these contractions can either move your digestive tract faster, or stall it completely. Neither are good for someone with an upset stomach.

Fried Foods - Fried foods have a similar effect on the digestive system as fatty foods. Try to avoid fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries or onion rings.

Artificial Sweetener - Artificial sweeteners include asparatame, sucralose, and particularly sorbitol. Sorbitol is often found in processed candies such as bubblegum or gummy candies. It is also naturally found in fruits such as peaches, plums and apples. Sorbitol in the large intestine causes bloating and gas; which are uncomfortable symptoms to experience.

Alcohol - Alcohol is toxic to the stomach lining and changes liver metabolism. Drinking too much can cause indigestion, among other health problems. Moderation is key.

Caffeine - Caffeine, as a diuretic, speeds up your digestive system and also helps dehydrate you. Avoid caffeine if you are having bathroom issues.

If you have avoided all of these things, and you are still having digestive issues and an upset stomach, talk to your doctor about domperidone 10mg, an anti-emetic designed to allow your digestive system the time to heal.

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