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Walmart Now Carrying Breastfeeding Milkscreen

January 31, 2012 by Julia     0

Untitled from jspepper
Untitled from jspepper
Milkscreen, the first test strip for use with breastfeeding, is now available at select American Walmart stores. Milkscreen is used to test alcohol levels in breast milk, ensuring you are able to safely feed your baby after having a drink.

Milkscreen was created in order to encourage longer breastfeeding terms. Many women are finding it difficult to remain completely abstain from alcohol, they miss "that glass of wine with dinner." Now with a Milkscreen, they can enjoy that glass, and know for a fact that they are not unwillingly giving their child breast milk containing alcohol.

In order to use the Milkscreen, simply soak the test pad with breast milk, and wait about 2 minutes for a reading. After 2 minutes, look at the color of the test pad. If it has darkened, there is alcohol present in your milk.

With 2% of alcohol that the mother consumes being released in breast milk, it is important for nursing mothers to stay vigilant if they choose to have a drink before breastfeeding. Many women think that one drink won't make a difference, but just like the legal drinking limit, it depends on body mass and tolerance. That's where the Milkscreen comes in, an easy to use home test which tells you whether or not you can safely breastfeed your child.

The Milkscreen can be found at Babies R Us and Target, and has recently been placed on shelves in Walmart stores. It is also available online at Milkscreen.com

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